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Wax is an amazing dog, he is hoping someone who enjoys outdoor activities will find him and make him part of the family.

Wax is a handsome healthy 1 ½ year old male white blue-eyed Siberian Husky. He was rescued from a county animal shelter in Washington. Wax has been maturing in a quiet single-adult household environment where he has received structure, boundaries, and attention that were absent in his early puppyhood. He’s highly intelligent, learned basic obedience, and has completed a behavioral training course. Relieving on leash and house-breaking habits are well established. House manners are still puppyish rowdy. Initial excessive guarding behaviors have subsided with practice recommended by his behaviorist trainer.

Like most young Huskies, Wax enjoys ample exercise and will require a high activity lifestyle or job. He would excel at search-and-rescue, sled pulling, or any agility tasks. During his quiet times he is happy to be by your side or in his designated rest areas. He is a sound sleeper throughout the night. Due to his energetic playful nature and lack of early socialization, an environment with assertive adult handler(s) familiar with the breed is essential.
Wax exhibits intrinsic Siberian Husky high prey drive so needs appropriate supervision and control around small animals, particularly cats, squirrels, and rabbits. He interacts well with most dogs, but would not be compatible with cohabitating with small animals who might trigger the prey drive. Wax is very quiet in his current home, with the exception of excited vocalization at feeding time.

Wax is currently residing in south King County, WA. Documentation includes:
• Proof of ownership
• Veterinary examination records confirming good health
• Record of neutering
• Up-to-date DA2PP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations
• Record of deworming and parasite medication
• Record of Revolution medication
• Microchip transferrable registration (Home Again brand)

IMPORTANT: NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person, the information has been provided by his current owner. As with any rescue dog, all information known is provided to potential adopters. Potential homes will be asked to complete an application and have a yard check to make sure that there is secure fencing. Please email for an application.

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