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Anui, was abandoned, well…really her owner had died, and the owner’s family left her in the yard for 7 days before a good neighbor stepped in and took her to the animal shelter.  Anui is over 8 years old and has some vision impairment.  Thank goodness many people stepped up to donate to help her get to a rescue before being euthanized.  As we all know shelters are way overcrowded, 

Anui had been at the shelter in Fremont, CA since Oct. 19.  Through Facebook postings she found her way to NW Snowdog Rescue.  On Dec. 14 she was liberated from the shelter and cared for by a kind and wonderful person for a couple of days prior to being transported by Roadies & Rescues, we are very grateful to Paul Thomas for transporting her to the most wonderful Deirdre who brought her to her new foster home in Deer Park, WA.  What a well-travelled girl Anui is…from CA to WA.

While Anui was at the vet getting her health certificate in CA they diagnosed her vision impairment as Pannus.  (Pannus is an immune-medicated condition that affects the cornea or clear part of the eye.)  Anui and her foster mom went to the Spokane Animal Eye Clinic on Dec. 28.  Anui will need to have drops for her eyes the rest of her life.  She is being well cared for by her foster mom.  By the way, her foster mom says she is a sweetheart and she is enjoying playing with the other dogs, the vision impairment isn't stopping this girl from having a good time.  Please email for more information and an application to adopt this sweet girl.

Anui is a gentle and sweet girl, who doesn't let anything stop her from having a happy life.

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