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Buddy (Formerly Frankie)

Meet Buddy– He is a lot of fun, he is new into rescue and this is the info his foster mom provided about him. -   He’s doing fantastic!  His confidence is growing by the day!  He went from being terrified of coming in the house to coming in and going outside all by himself!  He went from cowering in the corner when he saw the cat to being fine when the cat is next to him.  He went from only being comfortable in one spot in the house to now roaming the living room and LOVING sleeping on the couch!  He went from barely eating and food guarding to free feeding side by side with our other dogs.  His confidence and fear have come so far in 2 days!!  Now we just have to get him to use the doggie door and we are golden!!  He’s loving “his” couch, frozen beef marrow bones, and chicken and duck jerky……he’s relaxed and growing more comfortable by the minute. Buddy is waiting for his forever home to find him. He needs a fenced yard, another dog and a couch in his new home. If you can provide Frankie with fun, adventure and a wonderful life please email if you would like an application or more information. Buddy currently is staying in the Corenelius, OR area.

Frankie - could sing you a song...

His name was changed to Buddy, he can still sing, but he really just wants to follow you around and be your buddy.

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