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N Idaho dogs need foster homes and financial help

NW Snowdog Rescue is asking for a lot of help-financially and for foster homes. We are working with Moonsong Malamute, Inc. and Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League to spay/neuter and vet 15 Husky/Malamute dogs in the N. Idaho area.  We are working with our local humane society for the vetting.  Each female will cost a minimum of $195, there are six. (Est. total: $1,170) and each male will cost $185-200, there are nine (Est. total: $1,755).  We have already fixed three dogs and they are in foster care.  Each week for the next month and a half we will be getting two dogs vetted each week and will be in need of foster homes for them. We will provide updates.

We need a foster home for Whooly, who is a 1 ½ yo male and Ora who is a 1 yo all white female by July 15. We are also in great need of additional funding to pay for the vetting.  In anticipation of the next two pups, we would like to get two foster homes lined up for Ridge Runner, a one year old male and Firefly, an older female (10ish) by July 22.  If you can foster/adopt any of these 4 please email The dogs are used to living in a pack, so get along with other dogs. They have never been in a house so will need to be acclimated to house living – they are friendly, some are more shy than others, they need a lot of love. You will be duly rewarded as they will love you back!  If you can’t foster but want to help us pay for the dogs needs please know that any amount will help and be greatly appreciated.  We also need help with dog food, flea and tick meds. If you would like to foster we will provide the resources needed to care for these dogs. We have Venmo, Paypal and you can mail a check to our main location. Thank you!

Foster to adopt - NWSR needs assistance with vetting, foster homes, and adoptions of 10 dogs in N. Idaho

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