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If you are thinking of adopting one of these furballs, here you'll find some broad general guidelines – (everyone knows that exceptions prove the rules).


It may sound complicated...and maybe it is, but once you have had one, you can’t stop. You get addicted. They love to snuggle with you – will sleep in your bed (if you let them) and are pretty smart (watch those doors with handles, or those kennel latches.)

What you should know 

They need secure fencing.

Top and bottom preferably 6’ high – some of them can scale even that – and many of them are diggers.

They are a companionable breed.

Most would benefit from a playmate – however, if you see “likes to be an only dog” that’s exactly what it means.

They are small pray driven. 

As a rule cats, birds, small dogs and other small animals are prey. Many get categorized “dangerous” dogs because they attacked one of these prey critter. That’s why dog parks are to be approached with extreme care: preferably to be avoided, at least until you really know your dog.

They should never be off leash when not in a securely fenced area.

They simply love to run and will not listen to the whistle.

They most likely have had a rough life. 

When you make an addition to your family, such as this wonderful dog you are adopting, please be patient as these dogs have most likely had a rough go of it recently and it will take them some time to adjust to your home and family.

They can be quite lively.

They can could easily knock down smaller kids – so 8 and up is preferred.

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