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Atlas - Adopted

Atlas is just a young pup, who has been saved!

The story of Atlas…will you be his forever family? This cute lil black and white husky mix puppy is up for adoption.

He is currently being fostered with us. This is not a sponsored foster unfortunately so we would like to find him a new home quickly, but it's important that it's the right home. He was brought to us by someone in the neighborhood about two weeks ago, they thought he was our husky that had gotten loose. We kept him for a few days and tried to find an owner, checked for a chip, filed a lost dog report. But ultimately we did think he was an owner dumped dog. We took him to Bonnie Hayes and they held him and tried to find an owner. Thankfully, we listed ourselves as alternative adopters if he didn't find a home- not that we wanted a third husky but because we were afraid of euthanasia. As it turns out he was Euth listed by Bonnie Hayes and we either had to find a rescue to sponsor him over the weekend or agree to take him by Monday. So we took him, we couldn't have done otherwise really.


He is 1.5 years old, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, and licensed.

He is good with other dogs, all kinds of people so far, is potty trained and crate trained.

He knows how to sit.

Is very cuddly and loving, eager to learn and be praised.

Opportunities for improvement:

Whoever owned him before allowed mouth play, so while he is gentle, he just wants to wrestle and do the puppy chewing game, we are working on it and whoever takes him will need to continue to work on it.

He is a husky puppy, so he has energy for days.

He is not leash trained, we're working on it, he's not terrible, but not great.

(He was Euth listed for resource guarding. Given his breed I think this is possibly true. HOWEVER, the first day we found him he stole bacon flavored treats, that is a very high value treat, and I took it out of his mouth without even thinking and he gave it right up, no issues. Additionally, my dog stole his bowl of dog food and ate it in front of him and growled at him. He did not engage my dog or react. I have been able to take food and treats away without concern. He did give a little growl when being shoed away from a spill of something he wanted but did not engage otherwise. So while it is possible, I do not believe it's a strong characteristic and could be trained out pretty easily if it's is an issue.)

Overall, he is an extremely sweet young husky who simply needs someone to exercise him, train him, and love him.


Please email if you would like an application or more information.

IMPORTANT: Please note this is a courtesy listing NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person and any information is information provided by the owner/other rescue. NWSR cannot guarantee this information or take any responsibility for any inaccuracies in the above listing. As part of our assistance to the owner of this dog we will ask all applicants to complete an application  Please expect that a yard check will be completed prior to adoption to ensure a secure yard for the dog.

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