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Foxy and Tango - Adopted

Precious bonded pair want a home together.

Hi there! Foxy and Tango here! I’m the beauty (Tango) but Foxy is the brains, so I’ll let her tell you about us but I may “butt in” sometimes and make sure she gets things right!

“We” are a dynamic duo! Where one goes the other goes! What a great twofer for you!!!

Cuddles? Oh yeah, world class cuddlers! Wanna talk? Yup, we’re great talkers too (just try to get a word in, LOL). (Tango – and we like to listen too, after we’re done talking).

Wanna know something else? We are NOT escape artists like most Husky Mixes but, we still love having a good time like a short WALK! OMG! A WALK!!! So, save your legs with us and skip the five mile hike or run. Those Huskies, boy do they love to run, but not us. Oh and then there are truck rides. Howlyyyy YES! The TRUCK!!!

Ok, so what else? Hmmm, snacks! Oh yeah they are so GOOD! And the couch, the best place in the whole world where we will curl up next to you or on you. Keep petting us once we’re there, you know you want to! We are ready to make your couch our best cuddle place with you! Can you tell we are couch potatoes? We snuggle and cuddle the best since our hips prefer we only do 20 minute walks. What can we say? Who’d take a super long walk when we can all “dog pile” on the couch for cuddles and snuggles.

So, what else are we interested in? We like small animals but we overwhelm them with our prey drive so foster Mom and Dad said no kitties even though they are so cute, no bunnies either even though they have the longest ears, no ducks even though they run funny and make weird quacking noises instead of barking, in general no small animals.

We really like big kids and grownups, but little children make us a bit anxious cuz they move around different and sometimes want to put their fingers in our eyes or our ears or our noses and that feels strange and maybe painful.

Now, you might think Huskies, how could we not be escape artists? Well…we have some hip issues. That darned Tango just had to go ahead and get his hip replaced. And even though our pet insurance probably won’t cover his other hip being replaced, our foster Mom’s pet insurance covers most everything else. And since I, Foxy, have not seen the vet about my hips they may be covered. Oh Oh Oh! And my foster Mom and Dad will pay for the costs for YOU to foster US! (Unless you plan to make this a permanent relationship then our pet insurance will come with us!). Either way is a WIN WIN! Bonus: No six foot fence needed to keep us in the yard!

You can call our foster Mom and Dad and they will be happy to tell you all about us. Mom is Rachel and Dad is Eli, just email to have them connect us. We are in the great state of Washington. We live in the country near Tacoma. Foster Mom and Dad are happy to transport us to our new home in Washington and Oregon and Idaho, and?

Mom and Dad said I should put the link here so you can apply for us. We can’t wait to meet you and start our cuddles!

Please email if you would like an application or more information.

IMPORTANT: Please note this is a courtesy listing NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person and any information is information provided by the owner/other rescue. NWSR cannot guarantee this information or take any responsibility for any inaccuracies in the above listing. As part of our assistance to the owner of this dog we will ask all applicants to complete an application  Please expect that a yard check will be completed prior to adoption to ensure a secure yard for the dog.

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