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Iryk the wonderful

Iryk - the easy going husky...

Iryk is lovable, independent, and lazy (by husky standards). Quick Facts: Breed: Siberian Husky Gender: Male, neutered Age: 6 years old Size: ~75 lbs Good with… Dogs? Yes, especially females. Iryk loves walks and running around in off-leash parks. As far as huskies go, he’s pretty low key, but definitely still needs exercise! He’s super friendly and loves all humans, but men are usually his favorite. He loves kids (especially boys) who are 5+, but he’s very tolerant of younger kids as well. He likes most dogs, but does have issues with unneutered males. His love language is playing, wrestling, and tummy rubs. He’s fairly independent and likes to spend a lot of time outside, especially in winter! In summer he likes to hang out by the AC. He’s house trained, hasn’t had an accident since he was 2 months old. His recall is okay, but he definitely tries to come on his own time. He has been trained with a vibration collar for recall which makes it much better. He does have a strong prey drive, so he wouldn’t do well with cats, but if you need a dog to hunt down rodents, he would love that! Iryk’s parents were sled dogs who went hunting in northern Canada with their owner, so leash walking could use improvement because he loves to pull. He has no medical issues, and is fully vaccinated. He lost half of one of his lower canines when he was 1, but has no issues with it now, it just makes him look roguish. He’s a great dog who gets along really well with anybody and is always making friends and being admired!

Please email if you would like an application or more information.

IMPORTANT: Please note this is a courtesy listing NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person and any information is information provided by the owner/other rescue. NWSR cannot guarantee this information or take any responsibility for any inaccuracies in the above listing. As part of our assistance to the owner of this dog we will ask all applicants to complete an application Please expect that a yard check will be completed prior to adoption to ensure a secure yard for the dog.

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