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Buddy (Formerly Frankie) NEW Bio - ADOPTED

Please let me introduce you to Buddy.  Buddy is an amazing 50 pound Husky with an infectious personality and a true love of people, other dogs, and cats.  Buddy wants to be everyone's "Buddy".  He came from a very sad existence just 5 months ago where he was found on the side of a road in Eastern Oregon.  It appeared that he was dead but a wonderful Angel stopped and found that he was still breathing.  She rushed him home and nursed him back to health.  From there she worked tirelessly to find Buddy a forever home or a Foster because she didn't have availability in her home.  That's where I came in......Buddy needed an urgent Foster home.  I drove to Eastern Oregon, picked up a skinny, short haired Buddy.  He was wonderful during our car ride home, especially since I brought our sweet girl Baby Leia to keep him company.  He adored her from moment one!  Once we got home, it was evident that someone had not been kind to Buddy and he had rarely, if ever, been in a house.  We introduced him to our pack and our home.  He was very scared at first but soon became more comfortable through cuddles and treats, learned to use the doggy door to go potty and eventually started walking freely through the house (as long as there was a rug down on the hardwood floors).  It took some time but this Buddy became everyone's "Buddy".  During our time, Buddy has now been neutered, is up to date on his shots, has a microchip, had professional grooming, and is VERY comfortable in the house.  In fact, he has NO desire to ever be put outside again.  He's a very rare Husky!  He loves people, cats, all visitors, other dogs, barely sheds (his hair will take time to resume to normal husky status), and does not want a yard to run in.........he wants to be in the house!  He is roughly 5 years old so he loves to lounge but also loves to go to the dog park and for walks!  He's great on a leash!  Like most Husky's, Buddy can be a master escape artist but once he learns and gets comfortable with his environment, he will have no desire to go anywhere...........especially if he has a comfortable home.  Buddy would do amazing with a family that has other dogs or cats and someone who can cuddle him often.  He is a snuggler and prefers to be the little spoon!  He would be fine either with a doggy door or with being taken out to go potty.  You can have a yard but he probably will rarely use it as wants to be an indoor dog.  He's not a chewer and is not destructive but does love a frozen beef marrow bone to keep him busy!   Buddy is an absolute love and wants to be someone's forever Buddy.  Although humans have not treated him well in the past, you would never know it.  You will not find a sweeter or kinder dog than Buddy.  Please consider making Buddy part of your family!  He deserves a family who will love him as much as he will love them in return. If you can provide Frankie with fun, adventure and a wonderful life please email if you would like an application or more information. Buddy currently is staying in the Corenelius, OR area.

Frankie - could sing you a song...

His name was changed to Buddy, he can still sing, but he really just wants to follow you around and be your buddy.

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