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Johnny and Baby - Adopted

Baby and Johnny were rescued from a freeway and they are now in foster care by the good Samaritan that saved them. They would like to go to a home together if possible, but if not, as long as each goes to a home with another husky that will work. Nothing is known about their history, Baby is a young girl probably around 2 and Johnny is about 2 as well. Here is some information from their foster home about each pup.

Baby (grey/white) is slightly uncomfortable around new people, but she warms up quickly. She communicates her timidness well, she will show her teeth to let people know she needs space, but she will NOT show any outward aggression. She loves to go on walks but is a little awkward on a leash around other dogs.

The more she has grown to trust me, the quicker she has become comfortable meeting new people around me. Once she opens up to you, she is such a sweet girl. It appears to me she did not receive a lot of affection from her previous owners, she was so unsure what to do around affection at first. Now, when I come home, she just runs to show me how happy she is to have me home, and will snuggle me for as long as I will let her. She is a little unsure of what to do around cats but she is still good with them, she just needs a slower introduction. She will show her teeth to a cat if they get to close, but will not hurt them, one of my cats just does not care and will get right in her face and eventually she will lick the cat. I have observed very closely. Baby was found on a highway as a stray and will need time to adjust into a new home. 

Johnny (red/white) -  Johnny is very relaxed and mellow around the house, is very comfortable around new people. Gets so excited for walks and will let you know it. He loves a fluffy bed to lay around on. Loves to toss his bowl around when he is hungry.  Again, he is very mellow around the house, he loves laying around on his back, and sometimes you actually forget he is there.

He has funny quirks to communicate, he silently chomps his teeth to tell you he wants to go outside.  He also communicates with his paws when he wants affection and will bury his head in you to show love.  He is completely indifferent to my cats and one of them cuddles with him at night. He is potty trained but not crate trained, and is good alone within the house for short periods of time. Johnny was found on a highway near Irvington, OR and will need time to adjust into a new home. For an application or more information please email

Johnny and Baby - would like a home together, but are willing to go to a home with another dog if this is not possible.  They were saved by a kind person from a freeway.

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