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Loki and Abby

Loki and Abby are 10 and 11 years old. They find themselves in need of a new home, they recently lost their “dad” and their “mom” has recently had some health issue that prevent her from providing Abby and Loki a home. Both pups are in great shape for their senior years, they still love to play ball, Loki loves to play in the water and both enjoy easy walks and romps in the yard. They need to go to a home together, having recently lost their mom and dad, they need to stay together. Abby is a bit shy and takes a little time to warm up to new people, Loki, he’s all in for pets and scratches. Both dogs have sweet personalities. As most huskies they can’t go to a home with a cat or where they might have an opportunity to chase livestock, Loki is very interested in small critters, horses and cows.  Currently there are no major health issues. The dogs are located near Bonner’s Ferry ID, in a boarding facility as the owner is unable to care for them.  Rescue resources allow for transportation to the right home. These dogs are perfect for first time husky owners, because they are older they won’t chew on your furniture or hide your shoes in the yard. A husky lifespan is typically between 13-16 years, so these pups definitely have a lot of life yet. (Personally, I had a husky live to 18.) If you and your family can provide a loving home for these two seniors please email nwsnowdogrescue@aol.comfor more information and application to adopt them.

Abby - the brown eyed beauty and Loki the bi-eyed handsome pup

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