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Nani - Adopted

Nani is a bouncy and energetic addition to any home. She's well trained with good food and door manners.

When you work at your desk, sit on the couch for a movie or crash from a long day, Nani wants to be right there with you.

Days at the park are filled with high speed chases and flirting. She's excited to play with good recall.

Headstrong and excitable Nani needs a calm and confident hand who can continue to teach her to play and enjoy all that life has to offer. She loves hikes, car rides and home cooking. Especially those little treats the coffee shops give her.

Curious and playful, Nani isn't a great fit for insecure cats or dogs. And after being attacked in the past Nani has relearned how to be more social and is learning to share and play fetch.

On leash Nani walks well but likes to push boundaries and explore. A gentle no or off or a leash tug will be enough to prevent jumping and exploration. She listens well and will follow alongside on a bike ride. Good luck keeping up with her.

Spayed, chipped and up to date on her shots, Nani will do best in a home with grown children and adults who can appreciate her affection and companionship while providing a safe and predictable home. With maturity she will do well with older kids. When you invite her in for a cuddle she doesn't just lean in, she turns her head over and presses into your shoulder before flopping down by your side.

Nani has a bright and happy personality. And while she has had no history of jumping fences she's been tempted to dig to get under a fence with no success.

All huskies require a six foot fence and reasonable dig prevention. They are generally high energy working dogs that are great for work and play.

Crate trained and potty trained Nani can be trusted at home alone for 8-10 hours with no issues. (Never give a new, adopted dog full access to your house alone).

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Nani is a bouncy and energetic girl...hoping her new family finds her soon.

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